Discover the Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils

Who isn’t infatuated with roses? Their amazing scent produces one of the most iconic fragrances of all time, one that exudes romance, springtime, and generally happy stance.  Yet, not only do roses smell good, but the aroma is riddled with therapeutic benefits. This is largely due to the oils in the plant. Essential oils provide flowers with their aroma and act as a natural layer of defense for the physical plant, allowing the plant to germinate safely. Moreover, essential oils also provide distinct flavors that enrich food, are widely popular in the cosmetic industry, and promote health and wellness. Finally, users can create even more unique benefits with their oils by combining several types.

There is a wide variety of essential oils on the market. Not only that, but the individual oils themselves can have differences throughout their formulation process that leads them to be even more distinct. Variations can arise from the time of harvesting, both hourly and seasonally, the origin location of the oils, method of extraction and distillation, and climate conditions. These factors and more can severely influence the quality and overall flavor of a oil.

Once having harvested and purified essential oils, the minerals can be utilized in many aspects of daily life. For instance, many oils make an excellent addition to meals and beverages, thanks to their rich flavor. Additionally, the oils can improve moods using scent. Simply inhale your favorite oil, and witness the magic happen. Different oils have different effects. For example, one may invigorate your energy while another will calm you into a more passive state. They can also be mixed together to create unique blends of your favorite effects.

Of course, there are many essential oils on the market, but the best ones for you are the purest. doTERRA essential oils are ideal for any consumer as they are CPTG oils. This means that the oils you receive are guaranteed to be additive free, and that the product is only a natural purification of genuine essential oil. The benefits of this purity are that no consumer will be harmfully affected by harsh chemicals that may cause negative reactions to form on their skin or within their bodies.

Overall, doTERRA provides an enormous selection of the highest quality essential oils that will surely suit your every individual need. Whether it be for bath and body, culinary tasks, or aromatherapy, doTERRA has surely got you covered.