Which Is Better Electrolysis Or Laser Hair Removal In Etobicoke?

Etobicoke laser hair removal services have managed to gather a lot of acceptance and love from the people around however have also faced some serious criticism as well.  And not only the criticism but it has continuously been compared with other hair removal treatments. Electrolysis is one of such treatments which has constantly put against laser hair removal treatment at laser clinic in Etobicoke.

There are various grounds, on which laser hair removal has been challenged to prove its metal against electrolysis. Some of such grounds are listed below:

  • Effectiveness: On one hand where laser hair removal is not a permanent method of getting rid of unwanted hair, however on the other hand, electrolysis seems to have lasting effect. It has been observed that it removes the hair permanently. Various skin analyses have been carried out by the experts and the facts shows electrolysis hindered the hair to grow back on the skin by 70 to 80%.
  • Pain or no pain: Laser hair removal is looked at less painful treatment than electrolysis. Where in the case of laser treatment, the laser ray is concentrated on the hair roots and temporarily damages the growth. However in the case of electrolysis, instead of laser a needle is inserted to pluck out the hair completely, destructing the hair growth completely and permanently.  Hence the pain caused by needle insertion in electrolysis treatment is very painful. Visit Ourbis for more information.
  • Scope: It has been observed that the area from which the hair is removed during laser hair removal treatment is way larger than the area effectively worked on during electrolysis. This is because in the procedure of electrolysis the attention is paid to every single hair strand individually.
  • Limitations it pulls in: Laser hair removal treatment does not work on certain types and colour of hair. Hair colours like grey, white, and golden seem to have no effect when put under the laser beam. As a result laser treatment fails terribly in such situations and challenges. However in the case of electrolysis, its effectiveness is not hindered or interrupted by the colour of the hair. Thus it works best for all kinds and types. Twitter extends more information.
  • Hyperpigmentation influenced: Similar to the hair colour restriction, laser seems to loses its charm and its workability when hyper pigmented skin is to be treated. However when electrolysis is opted for, no such challenges and situations stops it from performing its job effectively.
  • Time consuming: When someone chooses laser hair removal treatment they may expect to complete the entire procedure in one or maximum two sessions. However, electrolysis treatment requires multiple sessions and visits to ensure the job is completed.
  • Cost effective: If someone wishes to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, one has to shell out more money than the temporary alternatives. This theory effectively syncs in with the kind of job electrolysis delivers. Thus electrolysis is one costlier affair than laser hair removal treatment.

The arguments and evident put forward regarding electrolysis and laser hair removal, electrolysis appears to be profitable on most of the grounds.