How Are You Ensuring Your Output At Work Is Optimal?

How Are You Ensuring Your Output At Work Is Optimal?

As any employee would know, you are only as good as your output at work. Your output is a crucial judgement of your performance and is often one of the ways your leaders decide your value within the workplace.

So, how can you ensure your output at work is optimal and you are completing your tasks to the best of your ability?

Well, many factors will impact your output at work, including your productivity during the day, your life outside of work, your mindset towards work, and the workplace itself.

Firstly, we can look at optimising our concentration at work. Many different studies have looked into the ideal time to work before taking a break. The productivity app, DeskTime, has recently peeked into its data and released information on its highest performing workers. They found that employees who tended to work for 52 minutes followed by a 17-minute break were the most productive workers. While this is extremely specific, most studies on productivity agree that you need to work for around an hour, followed by a 10–15-minute break, to be the most productive worker. Naturally, the more productive you are, the better your output at work.

On the other hand, if you are the employer, you should be looking at the quality of ‘being time’ and ‘doing time’. ‘Being time’ and ‘doing time’ are interlinked. The way you spend your time outside of work will impact your ‘doing time’ during the workday. A good workplace should be giving its employees the vehicles and opportunity to spend their ‘being time’ effectively. If you are the business that offers this, your employees will come to work and spend their time doing much more efficiently, which will lead to better output at work.

Also, don’t overlook the small things in life that can lead to better output at work, from natural light in your working environment to consciously stopping and observing what you are doing, rather than just working mindlessly. These will all look to increase your output at work. Sometimes it is best to go slow to go faster. Slow down and take your time with your work to increase productivity.

Next, your mindset around your work can be a huge factor in the quality of your work. If you are in the habit of negative self-talk around your job or workplace, this could be impacting your performance. So, this is where the process of though shopping can help. Thought shopping replaces those negative thoughts with positive ones and can be a significant first step to improving your performance at work.

Finally, in order to identify the habits, patterns and thought processes that may be holding you back from reaching your optimal performance levels, connecting with a corporate coach or business coach in Australia could provide the direction and clarity that you need. A great coach will create transformative changes in your working habits to produce the most optimal output possible. You can reframe your internal dialogue to make it positive with the help of a corporate wellness program, with a corporate coach. The key to change is by actively putting effort into yourself. The right corporate coach or mentor can lead you through becoming the best version of yourself you can be and then use this to become the best employee you can be, and in turn, you will produce an optimal output at work.