Knowing What Your Roof is Made Of

There are instances that your roof might bother you since it has some leak or damage. When you want to fix it, you need to do some research and know all the details possible that will help you in your roof project. There are companies who offer affordable roof cost in Michigan but make sure to get more detail before starting.

Types of Roof: Pros and Cons

The very first thing that you need to know is what type of roof you has. This is important since there might be companies that do not fix or replace that type of roof and it will minimize the time you will be spending looking for the right company.

  1. Gable

This roof is also known as the peaked or pitched roof which is common in the US. It will easily shed snow and water and also allows more ventilation. This is cheaper and easy to build than other types. Gable roof is not advisable to use if you live in areas with hurricanes and high winds since the materials will peel off.

  1. Hip Roof

This roof has slopes on all the four sides. The hip roof is more stable than gable roof and is excellent with both snowy and high areas. This roof type is more expensive than gable for it has a more complex design which requires more building materials.

  1. Flat Roof

As its name suggests, flat roofs appear to be completely flat and do have a slight pitch which allows water to run-off and drain. These roofs are usually used by commercial and industrial buildings but also can be installed on residential houses in both low and high rainfall areas. The main problem of flat roofs is that it is prone to leakage due to its low pitch

There are still some other types that you need to check like shed, half-hip, rainbow, and barrel roof which is commonly seen in Michigan.

Types of Roof Materials

It is not just about the type of roofs that you need to consider but also the type of materials to be used in building them. You have to consider thinking about using metal roofs, shingles roof, clay tiles, concrete tiles, wood shingles, or asphalt shingles.

If you have doubts on what to use and what roof you have, you can seek advice from the experts. There are companies that offer free inspections and estimates that could help you to start planning and budgeting. Call them now and ask for their assistance.