Professional Cleaning Services: Dealing with Mold in Fredericksburg

Professional Cleaning Services: Dealing with Mold in Fredericksburg

Mold is a dangerous thing to have in your house. No one wants to have mold, but it very often happens that mildew appears in basements, bathrooms, and other damp and warm spaces. You can recognize mold by its mushy odor. Also, the color is very specific. Mold is initially white or gray and then it turns to brown or black. As soon as you start noticing mold, measures have to be taken in order for it to be removed.

If it covers more than 10 square feet of your house, the best way to proceed is to ask for professional cleaning services. A professional company will be able to remove mold from all of the affected areas. Here is how, a family-owned company from the Greater Fredericksburg Area, does it!

Professional Cleaning Services and Mold Removal: How They Do It

Home & Business Services operates in the counties of Culpeper, Stafford, Louisa, King George, Caroline, and Orange. They offer maintenance, turnkey, and handyman services, but they are also well known for how good their mold cleaning services are. Here is how they handle every possible situation:

  1. Mold on exterior surfaces – this type of mold is rather difficult to handle because it is accustomed to difficult conditions. A professional company uses chlorine bleach in order to make sure that the mold is cleaned. Before applying it, plants and lawns are covered with heavy plastic sheets.
  2. Mold on household appliances – every machine that interacts with moisture, food, and heat is exposed to mold. This is why refrigerators, coffee machines, and washers often get affected by it.


If you ask for the help of experts working for a company that offers professional cleaning services in Fredericksburg, they will clean every machine by running a hot water cycle. They will also use chlorine bleach. Also, the nooks and crannies will be inspected carefully, in order to see if there is any mold there.

  1. Mold on walls, floors, and carpets – a solution of water, bleach, and detergent is applied on every surface, and mold gets removed easily. The same thing happens when there is mold on tile & grout. The only difference is that the solution will only contain bleach and water.
  2. Mold on books – in this case, the company will most probably recommend you a professional curator. Damping paper is never a good idea and there are special solutions in order to get books clean of mold.
  3. Mold on fabric – a solution of water and oxygen bleach, along with a disinfectant, can help mold to spread on fabric. Most of the items are impossible to be saved if mold floods them for too long. However, stopping the spread is possible.
  4. Mold on clothes and furniture – in order for these items to be cleaned, they have to be removed from the house. Outside, the experts from Home & Business Services will remove the mold completely and then leave the items to dry. Once that is done, clothes and furniture will be treated with a leather conditioner.

These are the most important areas that mold can be found on. It is very important for it to be cleared promptly, in order for the surfaces to not be irreparably damaged. If you live in Fredericksburg and want to use professional cleaning services in order to get rid of mold, the experts at Home & Business Services are the best solution!