What Characteristics Do Real Women Have Today

If you asked this question about 50-100 years ago, you would definitely get a nearly uniform answer. Most people would have similar archetypes for the definition of a real woman or man. And today? Today everything has been shaken, everything is mixed up. Women are now the owners of the house, go for career and earnings, their family does not matter so much. They are trying to be bigger men than their partners. Here at, ellsen starr marriage counselor we will talk about real values of women.

What characteristics do women have today?

It certainly cannot be a woman tailored to the criteria of 50 years ago. Times change, they need to keep up with them. There are still many women who might be “real”. They sometimes may be hiding or not coming to the fore at first glance, but they last and can eternally carry this title of a real woman.

The real woman does not keep things to herself. She expresses her attitude, but not with the aim of eroding the masculinity of her partner. We do not live in the Middle Ages where femininity is measured by how much women can be silent and live in the service of others. But why unnecessarily overpowering the partner, in order to prove that she is the smarter, stronger, dominant? And when it really does, how will such a diminished man be attractive? He does not need a woman who is “bigger” than him.

The real woman does not try to prove that she is the “man” in the house. They’re both bosses in their area. She in her own matters, he in his. Is not it the purpose of marriage to share?

The rights of women cannot be conducive to contributing to their families. It’s a blessing for those women who do not have the need to work because their man does it in sufficient quantity for their family. But in situations where another source of income is needed for the well-being of the family, women should not think that this is a “male job”.

A real woman will not forget about getting married or having a child. Both of these and other events mean that in many things women are no longer what they were in the past. Both marriage and parenting involve a lot of compromise and renunciation. But, women who think that with these two roles comes and “I no longer matter at all,” they will not be happy at all, therefore won’t be a successful wife or mother.

The real woman is the one who is satisfied with herself, because the most beautiful woman is a confident woman. Such a woman is walking straight and stable. She loves herself just the way she is and does not try to be what is not only to satisfy others. There is not any makeup that can replace the smile of a satisfied woman. And only such a person will be able to infiltrate his man infinitely, so that she also enjoys it.

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