Why Personalized Vitamins Are Important

Why Personalized Vitamins Are Important

As with any wellness or nutritional supplement routine, vitamin consumption is not a one size fits all. There are many factors that vary from person to person, such as lifestyle, age, and diet, that result in different deficiencies or require different nutritional supplementation. And while you can get recommendations based on your general age, diet, and lifestyle needs, taking it one step further and having a highly crafted vitamin supplement just for you is a meaningful health innovation. Getting into a regimen that includes personalized vitamins specifically catered to your needs may be the difference between good health and great health. 

How Does it Work?

A trusted vitamin company such as Vous Vitamin will start by having you take a short vitamin quiz, an online assessment that creates a personal health and lifestyle profile. Providing these details about your health and lifestyle are the key to unlocking the power of this service, and getting the most personalized daily all-in-one multivitamin that covers your essential nutritional needs. For example, there could be very different recommendations for someone who is vegan or vegetarian compared to someone trying to lose weight, or sleep better at night. The more specific you can be when completing the evaluation will mean a more accurate set of vitamin recommendations. Once your perfect match personalized all-in-one multivitamin formula is generated, they are conveniently shipped to your home to be integrated into your daily routine. 

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They Take Care of the Little Things

Left alone to experiment in the vitamin aisles, or curate your own do-it-yourself (“DIY”)-vitamin routine, it can easily result in sub-optimal health results.  A deep medical understanding of the interaction of health and lifestyle traits with vitamin needs can result in a more efficacious vitamin, and help you to avoid some of the safety risks around self-selection.  Using a personalized vitamin service with trained and highly expert medical professionals will ensure that critical factors are taken into account and compared to your individual needs; in turn, giving you peace of mind that the vitamins recommended are truly well-suited for you. 

I’m Not a Gym Rat or a Health Nut, Is This For Me?

Absolutely! Vitamins are an important complement to any lifestyle and can help with so many functional aspects of wellbeing beyond fitness. Vitamins can help ease stress and anxiety; and they may also address fatigue, dehydration, and migraines among other conditions. In the current pandemic, your health should be your top priority and adding or upgrading vitamins in your daily life can help prevent illness and benefit your immune system. Embarking on a vitamin selection process on your own can be intimidating because there are so many options, and it is easy to second guess yourself. Allowing medical professionals to assess your health and lifestyle needs takes all the guesswork and self-doubt out of vitamin selection. The choice of requesting personalized vitamins is one of the best and easiest decisions you can make for your health.